"Self disruption is not self destruction"

Many businesses use disruption strategies to spark creativity and empower their communities. Larry Myler

At Affinity, we believe that self initiated disruption not only brings its own benefits, but it prepares schools, partnerships and local authorities to respond better to the inevitable unexpected events.

There is a growing belief in business that both the customer and the workforce are starting to force change. Dr Mick Jackson CEO of the Wildhearts Group refers to this phenomena as “Compassionate disruption”.

84% of consumers believe that companies should do more for society

– Ipsos Mori

A company’s revenue can increase by 20% as a result of their Corporate Responsibility Strategy

– Babson Social Innovation Lab & IO Sustainability

86% of workers believe it is important that their employer is responsible to society

– Ipsos Mori


Staff turnover can be reduced by 50% by implementing Corporate Responsibility effectively

– Babson Social Innovation Lab & IO Sustainability

75% of the global workforce by 2025 will want to work for organisations that make a positive contribution to society

Deloitte Millennial Survey

75% of millennials say they would take a pay cut to work for a more responsible company

– Cone Millennial Cause Group


As educators we may believe that we are hard wired for social responsibility and are naturally experts in maximising the potential of human resource. However, whilst there are many examples of fantastic practice, recent reports on teacher recruitment and retention and student well being would suggest there is much scope for innovation and change. 

We understand the current challenges school leaders face and we believe that a sustained investment in the human resource is the answer.

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