Multidisciplinary Partnership Support@2x

We utilise our knowledge of education and our leadership and partnership development experience, to bring together partner experts in health, wellbeing, and technology to support schools, MATs, Local Authorities, and community groups to develop creative approaches to overcome social, emotional, mental and physical health barriers to learning.

Service Offer

  1. Complementary curriculum programmes.

  2. Organisational Change for schools and multi academy trusts.

  3. System change for local authorities and large multi academy trusts.

Complementary Curriculum Programmes

The Journey Back from Exclusion

This programme is currently in development and we are looking for schools or trusts interested in becoming piloting partners. Please click the link to express and interest.


Programme Overview

A complementary curriculum and support package for learners who are struggling to engage with the core curriculum. The programme is designed to improve learning and provide a bridge back to the core curriculum. It can be delivered to learners at home or in school as part of the curriculum support offer. We utilise the latest technology to ensure our systems are fully integrated with schools and to enable class teachers to jointly plan and quality assure with tutors and mentors.


  1. English, Maths and Science catch up

  2. Personal Development through a range of therapy options and psychological support

Organisational Change


We recognise and understand the complex challenges schools face when they work out how to best support their learners with social, emotional, and mental health needs. Funding, access to expertise, responsibility to staff, accountability to Ofsted and the DfE, and responsibility to learners with needs and those without, must all be considered. Our experienced team will help you develop a strategic delivery and communication plan that creates the optimum balance between short term impact and gaining the longer term stakeholder support required for culture change.

System Change


Our experience team can provide support for local authorities and large multiacademy trusts to develop your system approach to supporting SEMH needs. 

  • System science

  • Social, emotional, mental and physical health

  • Early detection mental health assessment

  • Education leadership and governance

  • Teaching

  • Accreditation and qualification development

  • Education technology

  • Community engagement

  • Social enterprise



It's not always easy to foresee what type of support you might need so we offer a monthly prescription service starting from as little as £100 per month that will allow you to access the expertise and support you need when you need it.

Case Studies

Bradford District PRU


Bradford District PRU is a provision that provided education and support for young people between the age 14 and 16 who had significant social, emotional and mental health needs and were vulnerable to exclusion. We were asked to support the provision following a review that raised concerns eighteen months after an Ofsted inspection placed it in special measures.

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Our success on the commission due to recognising that provision improvement was interconnected with system improvement and we integrated a range of key stakeholders throughout the process. 

Our achievements included: 


  • collaborating with the mainstream schools to develop a strategic vision and multi layered delivery plan; 

  • reviewing the staffing structure, curriculum, budget and a range of policy and practice, 

  • establishing key stakeholder partnerships with local universities, alternative providers, and businesses,

  • working with school and trust leaders to explore value for money,

  • working in partnership with Leeds University and other specialists to establish the provision as a hub of expertise by creating an evaluative study to analyse the impact of the provision before, during and after placement.


The provision’s students progressed from spending significant time locked in classrooms, due to behaviour concerns, to working with the local community, pitching to local businesses, and showing referring schools and parents around the provision. Attendance and attainment improved, safeguarding was judged effective, and the provision was removed from special measures.



More life are a team of scientists from Leeds Beckett University who have created a system approach to tackling obesity. We have been commissioned to support lead team with the roll out of the strategy across education.

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