To become a trusted partner to schools in the UK, and internationally, who want to improve by enhancing wellbeing across their community, by improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners and through purposeful collaboration.

We facilitate research and development

  • Our innovative approach to research and development is cost effective and will empower the stakeholders within your community. 

  • The approach has been created in collaboration with a “Design Thinking” expert who has spent 20 years as a thought leader in the technology industry. 

  • All our advisor facilitators have received training in “Design Thinking” from an industry expert.

  • Facilitators will collect and organise evidence so it can be provided as evidence of innovation ready for the school/Trust SEF.


We Provide Specialist Expertise to Support in the Implementation of School Improvement Solutions


  • We have an extensive network of advisors and partners who can provide the specialist support required to implement new improvement solutions.

  • We have numerous technology partners to provide a responsive, value for money and, where required, remote service.

  • Our technology partners also enable us to support schools to develop bespoke, intelligent, cost effective blended learning strategies.

We commission this expertise in the following ways:

Bespoke Advisor Specialist Support Time

  • Leadership capacity for Secondary, Primary and Special School from experienced ex-headteachers and senior leaders.

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

  • Occupational Psychologist

  • Play Therapist

  • Speech and Languages Therapist

  • Transformational Coaches

  • Well-being and Personal Development Specialists

Project Delivery

We work with to develop and deliver projects that require multidisciplinary team support.


  • Rapid improvement strategy for a failing school or a trust with limited capacity supporting a failing school.

  • Academy Conversion and MAT Due Diligence and Transition Planning

  • Introducing a nurture model.

  • Restorative practice.

  • Setting up alternative provision for learners with SEMH needs.

Programme Delivery

  • Online Tutoring for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Learners

  • Careers and Destinations Programme for Learners vulnerable to exclusion and NEET

  • Primary School Wellbeing Sports Programme

Review and Evaluation

  • Curriculum Review and Evaluation

  • School Improvement Review and Evaluation

  • SEND Review and Evaluation

Training and Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • New Headteacher

  • Senior and Middle Leader

Our relationship with partners goes beyond our usual networking and collaborative activities.  As well as sharing common goals and values, partners offer innovative services that complement our own. After extensive due diligence and relationship building, we can give you an overview of what they offer, and, if you choose to pursue your interest, an introduction from us will result in a discounted rate. 


Innovative new software that supports learners identify their cognitive biases and steer successfully through life’s opportunities and challenges. When used with a cohort in school the information generated can provide schools with an in-depth understanding of the mental health of their learners.

Iris Connect technology has been used for remote coaching and lesson review in schools for years; their secure platform allows sensitive information to be shared with authorised and trusted people.

The Mason mile is a community wellbeing programme aimed at encouraging more social, collective physical exercise.

After extensive international research into approaches to wellbeing, Wellbeing People designed “Recalibrate”, an online wellbeing programme that has been offered successfully to business and now to schools.

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