Our multidisciplinary team provides a range of services to support schools and Multi Academy Trusts. Our offer can be categorised as follows:

  1. Improvement and Growth

  2. Inclusion and Personal Development

  3. Training, Coaching and Wellbeing

We also collaborate extensively with other innovators providing products and services that complement and align with our purpose and values.

Improvement and Growth

We believe human capital can be harnessed by establishing a culture of continuous innovation.

We understand that sustained improvement requires long term vision and short-term impact.

Research and Development

We believe many problems in education are multifaceted and continually evolving. In industry these problems are known as “Wicked Problems”. We have worked with experts in “Design Thinking” to produce a programme to solve wicked problems. The secret to our programme is that it puts the learners and stakeholders closest to the problem at the centre from the start. Experts are then added, when necessary, to achieve the most powerful blend of experience and knowledge. 

The ultimate goal is for our programme to support you to find the most effective solution to a problem but the boost in morale and wellbeing learners and stakeholders get from taking part, ensures that the programme provides much wider benefits.

1. Try Our Programme and Boost Staff Wellbeing and Moral in with our Interactive Half or Full Day CPD.

  • Half Day £750

  • Full Day £1500

2. Get problem solving with our facilitated research and development programme.

Rapid Impact Improvement Support


Mentoring and coaching techniques are combined with our multi layered improvement plan to ensure that all layers of an organisation are fully involved, and priorities and resources are streamlined to produce short term impact with a long-term legacy.

MAT Sponsored Academy

Inadequate/Requires Improvement

New or Expanding Multi Academy Trust Development Package


If you are a school or academy thinking of joining a MAT or an existing MAT wanting to grow, our assured and calm support provides a rigorous assessment of risks and opportunities and sets positive foundations for your future partnership. It includes:

1.  Exploring types of trust and considering your preferred model.

2. Brokerage

3. Application 

4. Due Diligence

5. Transition Project Management

Curriculum and Budget Review and Planning


Designed by leaders with extensive experience of improvement and growth, our rigorous process will enable you to check alignment to your curriculum intent and decide on the optimum balance between delegation and control for your trust or school.

We leave all clients with a legacy toolkit for future review.


Inclusion and Personal Development

​Our team is particularly committed to supporting you find innovative ways to enhance the life chances of vulnerable learners. Our services are delivered by experienced professionals and our multidisciplinary programmes have been developed and evaluated prior to launch.

Curriculum Planning and Review

  1. SEND

  2. Personal Development

  3. PSHRE

  4. Sexual Orientation

  5. Speech and Language

  6. Nurture

  7. Restorative Practice

Provision Development

  1. Alternative provision for learners with social, emotional, and mental health needs.

Remote Delivery

We provide an alternative curriculum and support package for learners who are struggling to engage with the core curriculum. The programme is designed to improve learning and provide a bridge back to the core curriculum. It can be delivered to learners at home or in school as part of the curriculum support offer. We utilise the latest technology to ensure our systems are fully integrated with schools and to enable class teachers to jointly plan and quality assure with tutors and mentors.

  1. English, Maths and Science catch up.

  2. Personal Development through a range of therapy options and psychological support.

Therapeutic Support

  1. Clinical Psychology

  2. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

  3. Speech and Language

  4. Play Therapy

Training, Coaching and Wellbeing

We can tailor CPD to meet your specific needs, but we also deliver tried and tested programmes.

  1. Coaching: Whole School, team and individual

  2. New to Senior Leadership

  3. SEND

  4. ACEs

  5. Attachment

  6. Sexual Orientation

  7. Communication

  8. Personal Development 

  9. PSHRE


Our Partners

We collaborate regularly with a range of innovators who share our values and purpose. Some of our collaborators provide services and products that complement our own and those not free to access qualify for a discount following an introduction from us. Contact us to find out more.


This is innovative new software which identifies students’ cognitive biases and helps them steer successfully through life’s opportunities and challenges. When used with a cohort in school the information generated can provide schools with an in depth understanding of the mental health of their learners.

Ex Rugby League Superstar

“Building Champion Teams” - Leadership and personal development

“Building Champions” - Personal development and life skills

“Be a Champion” - Student personal development programme

Wild Hearts Foundation is a charity subsidiary of the Wild Hearts group that delivers a range of local and international social initiatives. All activities are funded from the profits from the group’s corporate clients. Wild Hearts is a social enterprise.

Iris Connect technology has been used for remote coaching and lesson review in schools for years and their secure platform allows sensitive information to be shared with authorised and trusted people.

A community wellbeing programme aimed at encouraging social physical exercise.

After extensive international research into approaches to wellbeing, Wellbeing People designed “Recalibrate”, an online wellbeing programme that has been offered successfully to business and now to schools.

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