Our Services Fall Into Four Main Categories

Leadership Capacity

Short term boost; long term legacy


  • Replace your School Improvement Partner support with our Creative Improvement Partner as part of your annual improvement cycle or for a one-off project.


  • Interim headship and leadership capacity requirements using our cutting edge, experiential approach to team building and coaching.


  • Curriculum review to ensure you are maximising your creative potential.


  • Curriculum enhancement using industry specialists and other innovators from outside education.

  • Partnership development that capitalises on economic, intellectual and emotional economies of scale both within education and beyond. 

  • We utilise our knowledge of a range of fundraising sources to support you to develop and deliver a fundraising strategy that meets your needs.

  • Our leaders from education and the police can support your investigation and mediation requirements.

Partnership Brokerage and Development

Benefit from economic, intellectual and emotional economies of scale both within education and beyond

  • We deliver a partnership opportunity and risk due diligence report to fit your budget and help you and your governing body and trust board find a partnership that will add most value to your community.

  • We support your transition planning to ensure your partnership gets off to the very best start.

  • We support your application to transfer to a MAT or federation or become an academy.

  • We support you to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with private sector, not for profit, social enterprise and voluntary sector organisations.

Education Programmes

Engage your students and prepare them for the future or commission cross school training and support. Our programmes are designed and delivered by innovators from across education, business industry and social enterprise


  • Choose from a range of programmes we have to offer, or we can support you to maximise value and impact by tailoring programmes to your individual or partnership needs.

Research and Development Opportunities

Innovators from across education, business and social enterprise collaborate with schools to provide new and exciting ways to prepare students for the fourth Industrial Revolution


Engage with innovators from across education, business and social enterprise to discover new and exciting ways to deliver education and prepare your students for the 4th Industrial revolution.


  • Conferences

  • Breakfasts

  • CPD programmes

  • Online platforms

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