Our passion for overcoming inequality has required creativity, determination, and a spirit of adventure.

We believe human capital can be harnessed by establishing a culture of continuous innovation.

We understand that sustained improvement requires long-term vision and short-term impact.

Our consultancy services have been developed in consultation with school and MAT leaders and delivered by experienced ex-leaders from FE, secondary, primary, and special schools. They cover improvement and growth processes that are likely to benefit most from external input.

Rapid Impact Improvement Support


Mentoring and coaching techniques are combined with our multi layered improvement plan to ensure that all layers of an organisation are fully involved, and priorities and resources are streamlined to produce short term impact with a long-term legacy.

Setting Up a Multi Academy Trust


If you are a school or academy thinking of joining a MAT or an existing MAT wanting to grow, our assured and calm support provides a rigorous assessment of risks and opportunities and sets positive foundations for your future partnership. It includes:

1.  Exploring types of trust and considering your preferred model.

2. Brokerage

3. Application 

4. Due Diligence

5. Transition Project Management

Brokerage and Conversion Support for Multi Academy Trusts

Curriculum and Budget Review and Planning


Designed by leaders with extensive experience of improvement and growth, our rigorous process will enable you to check alignment to your curriculum intent and decide on the optimum balance between delegation and control for your trust or school.

We leave all clients with a legacy toolkit for future review.

Headteacher Executive Leader Performance Management and

School Improvement Advisor Support


Our unique approach to inspiring you to inspire your community to overcome complex barriers to learning has influenced our development of these services. Our school's improvement advisory service is tailored to meet your specific needs and you can find out more about our performance management support by clicking the following link:

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