Covid-19 has severely disrupted how educators can provide high quality education and personal development for their learners.  Furthermore, the virus will have exacerbated existing inequalities, detrimentally affecting disadvantaged learners. Fulfilling our responsibilities as educators has perhaps, never been as challenging, complex or costly. 

On the flip side however, the crisis has inspired unprecedented levels of creativity and collaboration; it has reminded us that we don’t need to wait for the perfect answer and that putting our energies into the process of  working together can, in itself, produce amazing results.

At Affinity, we have been galvanised by the  imagination and compassion educators have demonstrated in response to the crisis and have worked quickly to adapt our offer to harness, and integrate with, the best of what we are seeing. 

Covid-19 has provided a moment of clarity, a sharp insight into what is to come for educators. It will accelerate global trends such as automation and the emergence of new technology and make others, such as the growing demand for education, more challenging. The need for more a more networked and flexible education and training offer will grow. Affinity is ideally placed to help you respond.

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