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We believe many problems in education are multifaceted and continually evolving. In industry these problems are known as “Wicked Problems”. We have worked with experts in “Design Thinking” to produce a range of training and development opportunities for teachers and school and system leaders who are interested in taking a creative approach and working with their community to solve complex, nonstandard problems.

Our programmes put your learners and your community at the centre of the problem-solving process from the start and, they differ from traditional CPD because, as the participant, you will spend most of your time leading the learning with the expert as your facilitator.

​Our approach is rooted in collaboration, so all our programmes involve you interacting with and learning from fellow participants.

Whole Staff CPD

Your staff will learn about our approach and its toots in “Design thinking” but, most importantly, they will spend most of their time working with their colleagues to solve your communities most complex problems.

  • Half Day £750

  • Full Day £1500

Research and Development Project Management


Our expert facilitation will support you to overcome your most complex problems. All projects begin with a free, no obligation, consultation so we can ensure that it is tailored to your requirements.

Redesigning Education Workshops (Coming Soon)


Our workshops are for teachers and school and system leaders who want to develop their complex problem-solving skills. They will focus on areas of school improvement that experience and feedback tell us cannot be solved easily by standard approaches alone. 

Workshop Outline

  • Participants will lead the learning and collaborate with others.

  • Expert in the training topic will provide background information and facilitation.

  • Participants will work on real problems they are currently dealing with.

Exemplar Workshop Topics

Meeting Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs post COVID-19

Workshops Designed for the Following Groups

  • Teachers in the classroom

  • Heads of Department

  • Senior Leaders

  • Trust Leaders

  • System Leaders


Effective Brokerage and Pre-conversion Partnership Development


Workshops Designed for the Following Groups

  • MAT leaders and Trustees

  • Headteachers

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