At Affinity Education Solutions we are committed to upholding our values in all our business activities. This charter provides specific detail about how this is achieved and the standards you can expect from us.

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I've had significant experience and success leading complex schools serving disadvantaged communities into more stable and advantageous situations. These experiences have also required me to develop an in-depth understanding of the importance of system leadership, particularly in relation to more vulnerable and disadvantaged learners, and I have carried out various roles in this capacity.  


Three years ago, I felt there was a need in the market for leaders who have the experience to  support  trusts and schools to deliver inclusive education through collaborative organisational models and I set up a business dedicated to achieving this. We have now completed various successful projects and have built a robust network of over forty education innovators, psychologists, therapists, transformational coaches, wellbeing specialists and education technology experts.



Stephen Curran



The greater the trust we can build between ourselves and the schools we work with the more value we will add. We always operate in the background with guaranteed reliability, diplomacy and confidentiality at all times


  1. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism at all times.

  2. We always respect client confidentiality.

  3. We understand that it is our role to support our clients in their school improvement endeavours, so we ensure that we do everything possible to empower them in this activity and avoid undermining them in any way. 

  4. We ensure that all our business activities are carried out with complete transparency and are supported by the appropriate levels of legal and insurance cover to protect our clients’ investment in us.

  5. We are alert to the ways in which our work and behaviours might affect others and respect the privacy, rights and reputations of other parties and individuals.

  6. We declare conflicts of interest.

  7. We recognise the importance of physical and cyber security and data protection.

  8. We respect and protect personal information and intellectual property.

  9. We always act with care.

  10. We keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

  11. We present and review theory, evidence and interpretation honestly, accurately, objectively and without bias, while respecting reasoned alternative views.

  12. We identify, evaluate, quantify, mitigate and manage risks.

  13. We promote equality, diversity and inclusion. 


In a rapidly changing education market, the schools which are the most innovative will benefit most. Every interaction we have with schools will inspire creativity.

  1. We support individuals and organisations to maintain the highest quality of provision by helping them to refresh their thinking and respond with agility to an evolving market.

  2. We provide our clients with access to an extensive network of expertise, experience and information.

  3. We undertake to keep expertise relevant and sharp by interacting with and sharing the latest educational thinking through social media platforms.


Good ideas are nothing if they are not followed through. Every project we undertake is structured around a clear plan and timeline and works to achieve a set of measurable success criteria agreed with our clients at the start of the project in the Project Proposal. 

  1. We provide our clients with a project proposal as a part of terms of engagement which outlines agreed success criteria and delivery timelines.

  2. We provide our clients with access to project management software which enables real time access to the project plan and the progress made.

  3. We report back to our clients at regular intervals agreed in the project brief. 

  4. All our business activities are quality assured on a regular basis and our clients can contact the quality assurance lead directly if they have any issues at any time.

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