Affinity is a business that supports schools, partnerships and local authorities to use change as the creative spark that will inspire and motivate its community. From his many years leading schools that required significant change, Steve understands how powerful a force change can be if the right capacity and expertise can be found to harness it.


Managing Director

18 Years as a senior leader responsible for curriculum and staffing and external partnerships in four schools in three local authorities.

Headteacher for the last 10 of these years in two schools in two local authorities.
Both schools were educationally, politically and financially complex.

Developed various innovative partnerships that supported both schools including leading them into MATs.

Achieved many successes but also demonstrated resilience and long-term vision when challenges were more complex and required a longer-term commitment.


Counthill School


Moved from category to good with outstanding features.


“Outstanding leadership and management since the last inspection have brought rapid improvements and the school” Ofsted


In the first three years achieved the school’s best results in its history and received commendation from the Dfe two years running for being one of the most rapidly improving schools in the country.
Navigated the school successfully through a very turbulent period and successfully into Tauheedul Education Trust’s multi academy trust. 

Reference from Tauheedul Education Trust

Communication Skills

“engages well with a wide range of audiences and ensures a positive culture of working is established.”

Coaching Skills

The development of a new senior leadership team

“Many of these people were new to leadership….

Trust reviews recognised the development of these individuals and how they were growing, learning and becoming effective in their roles.”

Change Management

“in-depth understanding of financial planning.”

“thorough understanding of HR practices and processes which helped implement a range of complex changes smoothly.”

Kieran Larkin

Director of Education

Tauheedul Education Trust




  • Enterprise programmes that resulted in us winning an international competition on several occasions.

  • Work experience and preparation.

  • Leadership coaching.

  • Governing body input.

  • Represented Deloitte in the finals of the “Business in Communities” awards.

In Communities

  • Developed and delivered joint “Junior Gems” programme which resulted in apprenticeships for students.

Chair of South Bradford Heads

  • Development of collaborative provision for most vulnerable students.

Co-Chair Cross Sector SEND and Behaviour Group

  • Linking sectors in the support designated as SEND and with SEMH needs.

Chair of Local Organising Committee

  • Provided school winter and summer games events for West Yorkshire.


Established “Accelerate” 

  • Joint procurement and management of sports and arts services for local primary schools.


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