"Affinity is a growing multidisciplinary team of education leaders, psychologists, teaching specialists, wellbeing, coaching and technology providers. We are committed to supporting collaborative practice and innovation that improves outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged learners."


Steve Curran, Affinity Education Solutions

“Embedding curriculum innovation takes time” and requires “an accurate, evaluative understanding of current curriculum practice” if it’s to “powerfully address social disadvantages”



Find out how, together, we can access a world of ideas.

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Adaptability and the ability to collaborate will increasingly be keys to young people's success.


Adaptability and collaboration are also crucial to schools' success in supporting learners - especially those who start life with disadvantages.


We are human - disruption is challenging but complacency is also a threat.

We believe innovation is about mindset not context.

Young people will need to adapt to survive and succeed. 

As educators, facilitating this need is our prime responsibility, particularly for learners who start life with disadvantages.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

We believe all schools are hubs of inspiration and ideas.


Join us to break down barriers and create the new normal!

We aim

To become your long term innovation partner


We can

Draw on our experienced, multi-disciplinary team of education specialists, psychologists, therapists, transformational coaches and wellbeing experts

Use technology partners to ensure our support is responsive, unobtrusive and cost-effective

We provide

A range of service entry points to support all budgets



Ofsted Focused Improvement Support


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We have

Worked Successfully with MATs, LAs, and schools

“Affinity Education Solutions provided brokerage support for Iqra Academy’s successful transition into Feversham Education Multi Academy Trust. Affinity’s Creative Improvement Partner, Steve Curran, carried out due diligence and transition planning. Steve’s education leadership experience was invaluable in ensuring all stakeholders were able to make informed and confident choices and his sensitivity to the needs of all parties was a key factor in enabling the process to progress smoothly even through its most complex phases. Affinity provided excellent value for money and we would recommend them to any to any trust or school requiring brokerage support.” 


Shahnaz Anwar-Bleem, Principal, Iqra Academy, Feversham Multi Academy Trust 

Mubaruuck Imbrahim, CEO, Feversham Multi Academy Trust


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