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We support organisations and partnerships to create capacity for innovation and improvement.


Our mission is to improve social mobility, particularly of the most disadvantaged, by  sparking creativity and aspiration in students and engaging communities.


Our expansive professional networks ensure every commission is underpinned by expertise tailored precisely to meet our client's needs.

Our Creative Improvement Partners are committed to building a long term relationship from every commission.

Take advantage of our offer of a free, no obligation, 

interview and desk top analysis to assess need.


We see opportunity

  • 37 of 45 billion spent on schools each year is spent by schools working largely in isolation.

  • 70-80% of school budgets are spent on staffing.

  • All schools have a range of willing stakeholders and collaborators waiting to contribute towards student development and social impact.


We know what matters

  • All school outputs out worth measuring are student focused.


We understand disruption

  • The human and cultural dimensions of achieving educational change are always significant 


Affinity has the expertise to support you to deliver innovative change management in a range of areas from finance to the curriculum, but it is our expertise in the cultural and human dimension of any change process that makes our support stand out.


Our Creative Improvement Partners will support you to disrupt the norm, spark creativity and strengthen the ethos and vision across your community.


“Our decision to commission Affinity Education Solutions' support has been a major factor in the transformation of District PRU from a provision that seemed stuck making inadequate progress 15 months after it's Ofsted inspection, to one that Ofsted have judged to be taking 'effective action towards the removal of special measures' just over a term later.

Comments such as "the acting headteacher is determined and highly effective” and "the improvement in the quality of systems and procedures, underpinning the operation of the school, is striking” are testament to the quality of support provided by Steve and Affinity.”

—  Ian Morrel, Chair of the

Management Board

We specialise in supporting schools and trusts going through periods of challenge and change or who serve complex communities facing social and economic challenges.

Are you interested in supporting others and earning additional income for your trust or local authority?


  • Have cuts to funding and fear of overstretching your own resources put you off supporting others to develop partnerships that could bring significant benefits to the communities they serve?


  • Collaborating with us will provide you with the opportunity to achieve this in a way that minimises the risk to the current schools you support.

Contact us for a no obligation conversation about how this could work for you.

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